Welcome to the Oregon Arts Commission and Oregon Cultural Trust online grant application system.

If you have any questions or comments, contact Kat Bell 503-986-0082 or kat.bell@oregon.gov.

Web Browser Compatibility. Grants Online only works with the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I sign up?
Each user must create a user name and password. If someone else in your organization already has a user name and password, EVEN IF THEY ARE NO LONGER EMPLOYED THERE, please contact Kat Bell at 503-986-0082 or kat.bell@oregon.gov for assistance.

If you are not an individual artist, you must associate your log in with an organization to view organization grant applications.

Why is my character count incorrect?

  • Word processing programs count differently than Grants Online, so there can be variation as you cut and paste.
  • The character counts include spaces

How do I know my application was received?

  • Pop-up box immediately after you press “submit”
  • Email confirmation
  • After 5 minutes, if you’ve checked your spam filter and have not received a confirmation email contact Kat Bell at 503-986-0082.  This must be done before the application deadline.

Can more than one person submit grants in the on-line system?
Yes, but each person in an organization must have a unique sign in.  Please contact Kat Bell at 503-986-0082 or kat.bell@oregon.gov for instructions.

How can I print my grant application?
In "My Applications" look all the way to right of the grant and click this adobe acrobat symbol: